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During winter By dressing in three layers, you will keep warm without overheating or getting chilly. It’s always better to have several thin layers than a thick one. The layer-on-layer principle traps the air which keeps the body warm if it’s not moved away.

Base layer recommended to be thermals, thin layer whose function it is to absorb and transport moisture away while insulating and heating. wool or synthetic fabrics as they are great at this. The ideal type of clothing is a slim-fit t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt. Just avoid cotton as it retains moisture, and you’ll get cold. 

Mid layer This layer should have an insulating and warming effect whilst allowing moisture to be wicked away. It should be made of the same materials as the base layer but in a looser fit. This will allow warmth between the layers and better ventilation and less risk of chafing if all too tight.

Outer layer This is the important layer at protecting the body from the external weather like wind, rain, and snow while helping to transport excess heat. It should be thin, light, and windproof so a jacket and should also be able to withstand a decent about of water. The fit should be loose, and the jacket should be able to cover a least a bit of the buttocks. Check that it has vents under the arms to allow for ventaliation and the zipper is covered. Jackets with an elastic waist is also beneficial as you can tighten to avoid wind blowing up along the back making you cold. For legs, winter tights with wind protection are the most comfortable when it is cold and windy. Rainproof pants and rainproof jacket. Important to wear beanie and gloves to maintain insulation.

Pretty easy round trip is 5 km / 3.1 miles. From Sólheimajökull parking lot to the viewing point it’s a flat gravel path then rocky downhill to the glacier edge. Glacier hike starts with slight incline to the glacier platue. We will make stops to tell the stories and make photos. From glacier platue is easy decent off the glacier. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to sent and email.

Might be sunny, rainy, snowy or windy so it’s important to be prepared for a winter weather while temperatures are from +5 to -5 degrees celsius. For more accurate weather forecast you can check and   

If tour is canceled due to 15 m/s strong wind or more your tour will be rescheduling to a different date that suits your travel plan or you will receive a full refund. For more information visit Terms & Conditions page.

Unfortunately, we do not offer refund for missing a tour, but we will try to reschedule you for another tour if it suits your travel plan.

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